Differences between the Facebook messenger and messenger lite

Like facebook lite, messenger lite has been introduced, the main difference between Facebook and Facebook lite lies between data usage and simplicity. As Facebook lite can not afford heavy feature which facebook uses and is designed for the old mode android phone same in the case with messenger lite, it uses less data and has designed for android mobiles with an old version and for the people who just want a messaging app to stick to its name not to fancy itself more than a messenger app.

Facebook messenger or messenger lite

Difference between messenger and messenger lite lies in a user interface, messenger lite is rather simpler while a messenger is saturated with features. Messenger is provided with chat heads while no such feature is found in messenger lite. Messenger lite is found with chats, contacts and setting icons making it simple and easy to use.

The messenger and messenger lite are different from each other in the software designing as the former one is more than 50mb and covers about 400mb storage while later one is just a few MBs. So you can run messenger lite even you don’t have a good internet connection.

Messenger Lite is different from Facebook messenger in a sense it uses less hardware, CPU, RAM and GPU as it could be used using 2G or 3G internet wile messenger require 4G.

Messenger is cramped with features like stories, chatbots, playing games, group audio/video calling, customizable chat colors, emojis while messenger lite is the simplest mode of any messenger app it is just confined to messaging and calling, maybe liked by some data savers or simple folks.

Messenger lite also lacks the facility to book a ride on Uber, for this purpose you may have a separate app or Facebook messenger app in your handset.

Messenger allows us to send and receive money in the US although this feature is limited to the small part of the World but it exists while using messenger lite you are not able to do any kind of money transaction either in the US only.

If you have a specy phone and ample data supply go for Facebook messenger and if not then be contended with messenger lite as a messenger app.


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