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Whenever we hear the word e-commerce the first word comes in our mind is Amazon, then e-bay and wish and the list continues as we start pondering over this word. As everyone is so much busy with his routine and nobody has free time to go shopping, people have to manage their time for shopping.

Enterprises have designed online markets to facilitate the folk, anyone from anywhere in the world can select and book his order and his parcel will be delivered at his doorstep. Any product from books to Smart TVs could be bought from the online market.

Messenger – e-commerce market

Seeing this, MarkZukarberg, CEO of Facebook has also taken the step to promote business through his famous app named messenger in March 2015 during the F8 conference. 64% of Facebook users are using messenger. These days, messenger (mobile app) has become an online market, where you are able to find any kind of goods, talk to the seller, negotiating about the price, booking your order and your order will be delivered to you.

When you select an item on Facebook, you are able to have live chat with the seller, this strengthens the faith of customer in the product and chances of selling goes to 40%. Instead, chatbots have been introduced to greet and grab the customer to turn the visitors into customers.

After displaying your products on Facebook you need to set some chatbots for a prompt conversation with your visitor and helping him gaining details about the product. Using chatbots you need not stick back and waiting for the customer’s queries either it is an automated way of sharing details with the visitors.

Businesses can grow through messenger if you are smart enough to offer free coupons, reward on sharing and referrals, do price comparison, give promotional attraction to the customer, offer free delivery. Using these small tips, there would be a huge sale bump and results will astonish you.

The conventional ways of selling are worn out and the modern ways of getting customers are trendy. Through this online market, you are able to get your customers living thousands of miles away from you.